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The personal computers training area is part of our Tech Academy.

There are 3 levels. Basic, Intermediate and Expert. The aim is to equip particiapnts to become proficient at PC repairs so that they can join our network of PC tech experts who have access to our network of customers requiring repair and or maintenance of their systems. Participants will be trained in the following areas -

Our mobile division in the Tech Academy covers mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches etc .

The proliferation of smart devices makes this program an important skill set to acquire. Successful particiapnts will be in high demand by customers. The programs comes is Basic, Intermideiate and Expert levels.

Enrole today to become a tech Certified Expert (TCE).

Our Tech Vocations offer courses like web design, graphic design, video editing, application development etc

This program will equip participants with skills that make them more emplyoable or offer confidence to pursue an entrepreneural venture

FixIT is our full suite repair service with expert technicians on standby to visit your home or office and repair your gadgets. We offer repairs and maintenace services on phones, tablets, PCs, wearables, printers, copiers etc.
  • Store Walk In
  • Home or Office Service
  • Great Deals on Premium Devices
  • Free Software Upgrades on Loyal Customer Devices

FixIT operates a loyalty points system that allows customers rack up points towards discounts and rewards.

The Kiosks Network is geared towards investors. Spaces in our kiosks are up for rent. Our kiosks attract a lot of traffic and you can leaverage this by owning a stand within our kiosk where you sell gadgets or offer repair services.

Because our kiosks come in different sizes, investors can decide to own a fully fitted Tech at Work kiosk. For a franchise fee, we shall set up your kiosk and even supply certified customer care and technical experts to run it.

Members of our kiosk networks are entitled to some free training.

About Us

Tech at Work is equiping the work force and matching proficient candidates with clients in need of repair services.

We also offer a full suite gadget repair and maintenance service by expertly trained technicians. Investors are not left out with our kiosks network program

Tech Academy

The Academy offers certification in software and hardware expertise along mobile and PC gadgets.

Candidates are market ready immediately they finish our most basic program. The Academy also offers training in web design, graphic design, application development etc


This is a Full-Suite Gadget Repair and Maintenance Service by expertly trained technicians.

We offer store walk ins, home and office service to fix your phones, tablets & PCs as well as loyalty points for continuos patronage or referrals

Kiosks Network

This provides an investment opportunity for the enterpreneurs. Rent space at our high traffic kiosks

For a franchise fee, we shall set up your kiosk and even supply certified customer care and technical experts to run it.