Full-Suite Gadget Repair and Maintenance Service by Expertly Trained Technicians.

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We Fix, We Maintain & We Advice

This is our full suite gadget repair service. We fix everything from computers, smart phones, to tablets. We offer a walk in service and also dedicated technicians who can visit your home or office to either pick your gadget up or attempt a fix at your location. With our App, you can request a technician to visit your home or office the same way you order an Uber. You can also locate the nearest service centre or kiosk using the App.

There s a loyalty system that offers points to customers for repeated use of the FixIT service. Create your FixIT account today and have on-demand tech support at your finger tips.

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FixIT Technicians.

This is for technicians. If you are a certified technician, you can join our technician network and be on call when customers. We insist on excellent customer service from the technicians to the customers. Join our technician network to gain access to numerous customers seeking repairs on their gadgets.

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About Us

Tech at Work is equiping the work force and matching proficient candidates with clients in need of repair services.

We also offer a full suite gadget repair and maintenance service by expertly trained technicians. Investors are not left out with our kiosks network program

Tech Academy

The Academy offers certification in software and hardware expertise along mobile and PC gadgets.

Candidates are market ready immediately they finish our most basic program. The Academy also offers training in web design, graphic design, application development etc


This is a Full-Suite Gadget Repair and Maintenance Service by expertly trained technicians.

We offer store walk ins, home and office service to fix your phones, tablets & PCs as well as loyalty points for continuos patronage or referrals

Kiosks Network

This provides an investment opportunity for the enterpreneurs. Rent space at our high traffic kiosks

For a franchise fee, we shall set up your kiosk and even supply certified customer care and technical experts to run it.